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Press release                                                                   Rostock, January 13th, 2003  Production of a passenger submarine in Rostock

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A submarine for tourists is being built right in the heart of Rostock's fishing port.

As from 2003, the company Baltic Submarine Germany will be designing and producing mini submarines in series. The company chose Rostock's fishing port as its corporate location because the three partners found the production conditions here to be simply ideal. The proximity of the sea and the company's own production building, a railway connection and sea moorings right opposite the company´s building offer optimum prerequisites for initial test and trial voyages in the Baltic.

Of course the engineer from Düsseldorf, marine technician from Rostock and finance expert from Hamburg also had other reasons for putting their unusual corporate idea into practice here. For example, Rostock offers plenty of qualified, skilled workers with a wealth of experience in shipbuilding, together with the university and Institute for Marine Technology. Initially 50 new jobs are planned within the next 3 to 5 years.

The idea of building low-priced submarines for commercial and touristic purposes is new in Germany. Up to now, submarines have been either for military or research purposes: expensive one-off productions designed especially for a specific research product. The submarines now being designed and built in Rostock have nothing in common with these very expensive vehicles. On the contrary, they are smaller, more flexible and above all, cheaper. One submarine will cost approximately € 300,000, measuring 7 to 8 m in length with a diameter of 2 m. Windows of 80 cm in size give a fantastic view. Depending on the design, these submarines can transport between 8 and 16 passengers, seated comfortably in two rows. The new submarines are not designed for submerging to great depths but primarily for descending to 100 m under water. An escort vessel supplies power and oxygen so that the submarines are very cheap to run. They fit conveniently in every standard ship container and can be brought rapidly to every location. They are also ideal as a comfortable means of transport for longer submerged journeys. Expert know-how can be brought to the exact location where it is needed, for example bringing engineers to oil rigs for inspection tours or to control submarine cables and supply lines. The new submarines are also interesting for diving companies, submarine archaeologists, for controlling shipping routes and even for monitoring the foundations of wind parks.

The submarines are also specially tailor-made for tourists. For pleasure trips under water, for example as an alternative to a diving course. Why not take a look at a sunk shipwreck or observe a shark underwater in its natural environment; well protected behind bullet-proof glass?!


Contact: Alesandra Positano (Public relations) +49 (172)  74 27 267

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