Baltic Submarine develops and produces passenger submarines for tourists and commercial purpose. The aim is to produce efficient submarines which meet the requirements of our clients. We offer a wide range of services from the market analysis to the service contract. Our experienced team is available any time and by request of our clients in almost all places. Our remarkable innovative conception makes it possible to offer our clients and the end user (passenger) a reliable and cost-effective product.

The administration, development and assembly is located within our headquarter in Rostock. Our sales partners act worldwide and are pleased to submit a custom-made offer to you. We are cooperating with
experienced marine suppliers.

The majority of the company is in the hands of the managing partner. The partnership of tbg as public investor guarantees innovation and quality to a high degree. Another important component of our company is the participation of private investors.
Would you like to know how your money is being used? We offer private investors the possibility to participate in our innovative company. To realize the expansion of our company further investments are of high importance. With great pleasure we would like to inform you personally about your possibilities to participate.

Would you like to have more information? Do you want us to prepare a market analysis without obligation? Which technical requirements are to be met? Our colleagues are pleased to assist you.