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The products and services of the Baltic-Submarine Germany are separated into three areas of business:

.: Developing and production of commercial submarines in modular design
.: Construction and production of underwater apartments
.: Engineering services for maritime technology (for example underwater cameras and rescue systems)

Due to the company’s excellent location and its highly qualified and experienced team we are in a position to deliver highest standards of quality at reasonable financial conditions. Especially the long tradition of ship building in Rostock and an outstanding public financial support create an excellent business environment.  Therefore we are able to offer our clients very interesting conditions.

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Length: 9.70 m | Width: 2.40 m | Hight: 3.80 m
Weight: 15 t
Passengers: 12 + 2
Working depth: 25 m | Pressure Resistance (max. depth): 160 m
Cabin pressure: 1 bar
Speed: 3 knots
Diving time: no limit (with external supply)
Engine: 5 electric motors / thrusters
Ticket price (idea): 40 € - 55 €

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Underwater habitats
Our customers can also order underwater apartments, submarine suites and restaurants. Our modular system enables us to customize many different versions. There are almost no limits to creativity for architects and investors. At the same time the costs of investment stay moderate.
From a standard apartment to maritime suites up to underwater restaurants with an unlimited view of fish and coral reefs there is a large amount of projects you can realize with the support of Baltic Submarine. With the help of this new and unique attraction the potential of new guests for our clients increases.

An extraordinary cost-effectiveness results for the operator (ROI in less than 3 years). The final customer (passenger) is presented with a unique attraction to an attractive price.
Additionally, we support you with the election and teaching of the staff and the maintenance of the submarines. Our project managers accompany you from the analysis of the local market over the logistic up to regular maintenance and marketing support.

Baltic-Submarine’s passenger submarines can be customized in an enormous numbers of varieties. There are Cable Subs with standard supply from the water surface. These systems are ideal for underwater tourism and monitoring jobs at shallow depths.
We are able to design independent submarine systems for deep sea and special monitoring tasks.
Passenger capacities between 4 and 16 persons can be delivered in order to be in a position to design the ideally dimensioned submarine for every location.
The Certification by the German Lloyd in accordance with U.S. regulations (ABS) guarantees the highest possible standard of safety.


Due to a lot of years of experience of our engineering team in the construction of submarines and general maritime technology we are able to manage a large variety of engineering projects. Priority is given to realize individual requests of our clients.
Robot arms for submarines, the design of underwater video systems or the construction of rescue systems for large submarines are just a few examples for the technical expertise of our staff. It would be our great pleasure to provide you with further information about the products and services of our company in the form of an individual presentation.

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